With the crazy weather we’ve had recently you might have experienced your outdoor heat pump unit being partially or fully flooded.

In this post we will discuss what you should do in this situation.

Partially Flooded Heat Pump Unit

As soon as you notice any flooding around your heat pump keep it turned off and turn it off at the isolator.

Seek a qualified person to come and inspect the unit for both electrical and mechanical faults before turning the unit back on.

The unit may have to be washed out with debris removed from in and around the unit. Some electrical connections may have to be cleaned and and dried prior to using the heat pump.

Fully Submerged Heat Pump Unit

If your heat pump unit has been fully submerged you probably have a lot of things you have to deal with. This is what to do with the heat pump in this situation.

Keep the unit isolator off and keep the main fuse off for heat pump as well. Seek a qualified person to inspect the unit.

If you have a flooded heat pump make sure to turn off all power to it.

More than likely the unit will have to be replaced as the circuit boards are not generally water tight so will have been wet and most likely will have suffered non repairable damage.

The expenses incurred in repairing or replacing the main boards and motors in a damaged unit may not be a cost-effective solution. In most cases, it is more advantageous to replace the unit with a new one, as this will provide you with the added benefit of a fresh 5-year warranty.

Your local qualified installer can advise on the best options available to you.

If you have any questions about your heat pump, or heat pumps in general don’t hesitate to get in touch.