If you want to save money long term and prolong the life of your heat pump you should think about a heat pump service.

In this post we talk about why you should get your heat pump serviced and the benefits it offers. And when you should be thinking about this.

The Benefits of Having Your Heat Pump Serviced

Save You Money

A heat pump that is working well is very efficient at using power to either heat or cool your home / workplace.

Servicing your heat pump makes sure all the parts are clean and in proper working order. Which in turn means everything is working as efficiently as possible.

This efficiency saves you money over the lifetime of the heat pump.

If a heat pump has to work harder than normal it can cost you more than it should to run.

Prolong the Life of Your Heat Pump

Servicing of a heat pump is like the servicing of a car. Getting it done will prolong it’s life.

A heat pump that runs well will give you many years of service.

Servicing it is more than cleaning the filters. It’s making sure every component is working as it should.

A heat pump expert looks at the whole system. From the outside unit, to the inside unit. Making sure all of it is working as intended.

Identify any Future Problems

There’s nothing worse than a heat pump that doesn’t work as it should. Either on a cold or hot day. You want a heat pump that makes your space comfortable.

Servicing by a trained heat pump expert can give you piece of mind.

They know how the heat pump should be working. And can identify any problems that may occur now or in the future.

When Should You Get a Heat Pump Service?

As a general rule once per year is a good servicing time frame.

If you are in a dusty environment every 6 months will ensure your heat pump is clean and working properly.

If you’re getting a new heat pump install done. Refer to the manufacturers manual to see their recommendation.

If you’ve moved into a new location and are unsure of when the heat pump was last serviced. It’s best to talk to a local installer about what they offer for servicing and get it checked out.

In Summary

No matter the brand or age of your heat pump. If you want to get the most out of it and save money, it pays to get it serviced.

If you’re in the Whanganui area and want to discuss getting your heat pump serviced or have any other questions around heat pumps or anything electrical. Please get in touch.